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Date: 30/10/2016

Carve out your core and sculpt the elusive abdominal V with these lower abs workouts.

As you can see, developing the V line muscle doesn’t require tons of confusing, complicated exercises. All you need is a few simple, key exercises to help develop v cut abs and build amazing definition in your abs.
Nothing really… EXCEPT that something is hardwired into women’s brains so that when they see a v line body they somehow throw all inhibitions to the wind and go wild!
There is one overlooked key on how to get v lines: you must first drop any excess body fat you are carrying around. The leaner you are the more visible this muscle will be. I personally don’t like to shoot out certain body fat figures to aim for.
Body Fat testing for the most part is too unreliable and results vary drastically. In addition the accurate forms of body fat testing get quite expensive. What you will need to shoot for is a narrow waist line. How narrow? Ideally 45% of your height or 1/2 to 1″ less than 45% of your height. So if your 6′ tall than you are going to multiply 72 (6 feet in inches) by 0.45. This will give you 32.4. Therefore you will want to get your waist between 31.4 to 32.4″
You want to measure your waist with a measuring tape around belly button level. Maintain relaxed posture (don’t suck in and don’t push out). If your waist is greater than 45% of your height you will need to reduce your weekly caloric intake until you reach the ideal range.
Once you lock in a weekly calorie deficit and begin incorporating the v line exercises you can laid out above, you’ll be well on your way to developing the v line muscle and overall great core development. The most important thing here is consistency. If you are consistently in a deficit over an extended period of time.
You’ve got everything you need, now take action!

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